In an age long past, a goddess whose name has been lost to time gifted these lands to her consort. The consort cultivated these lands into the vast Gardens of Thûr to please the goddess, but it is said that he had fallen out of favor, and in his despair, let the garden lapse into ruin. Wicked creatures crept in and plagued the humble folk who dwelled in the garden — and so it has been for longer than anyone can claim to recall.

Cults and cultures likewise have risen and fallen in the lands of Thûr, and no few strange visitors have quested among its hills and vales. Tattered remnants of other civilizations still exist here, wary neighbors to communities that have existed since the era of the goddess and her consort.

In the intervening epochs, the Gardens of Thûr have emerged as a fractious land, ruled by petty lordlings whose authority extends only as far as they can enforce their claims of rulership. Great lawless regions exist, populated not only by hardy folk outside the influence of would-be lords but also by demi-humans, territorial monsters, and even more enigmatic things. Potent treasures, forgotten troves, and even forsaken demigods lie beneath its soil and stones.

The Gardens of Thûr are distant from more civilized lands, and undesired by their emperors and kings as being too far and too unruly to bother bringing to heel. It remains a land of saints and legends, giants and ghosts, steeped in its own myth ― and subject to its own phantasmagory.

Those are the concerns of ages past, though, and more immediate concerns now worry the Gardens of Thûr. For months the drums echoing through the cursed Tegelwood in the reaches of Thûr have been growing louder. Surely, they are the drums of the goblins, the orcs, or some other humanoid tribe that bears ill will toward “civilization” such as the village of Candle. It bodes worse for Candle that none have come forth to investigate the threat, and the anxiety in the village casts a pall over its humble folk.

In these grim times, bold folk from the Gardens of Thûr may make a name for themselves, whether in pursuit of righteousness, gold, or glory. You may be a wanderer drawn to Candle amid rumors of its plight, or you may be one of the few folk of Candle brave enough to challenge the threat. Whatever your calling, you are one of the remarkable souls standing against the looming darkness.

The Gardens of Thûr

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